Uncharted returns in a cut scene that is truly the same as the game

The Uncharted saga has consecrated Naughty Dog, also arriving on the big screen with the film directed by Ruben Fleischer: now, a sequence cut from the film has been released online.

Uncharted 4, which you can retrieve on Amazon, represented the pinnacle of the series that then came to the cinema in a successful film.

In our review we have in fact explained to you that “the Uncharted film has everything a film of this kind needs to work properly: action, a fair amount of humor, and characters who – despite their two-dimensionality – allow themselves to be appreciated for this. who they are and what they do. “

As reported by DualShockers, Sony Pictures Entertainment today released a new video, showing one of the deleted scenes from the Uncharted movie.

In the scene, we see Sam – the brother of the protagonist, played by Rudy Pankow – and the young version of Nathan Drake, played by Tiernan Jones.

The two are together for an adventure in a museum, in search of a precious treasure: fans have declared that Pankow’s casting is undoubtedly the best in the film, so much so that many have compared this scene to an in-game sequence. of the game.

Fans were in fact surprised – and partly disappointed – that the scene was omitted from the film, given the good quality level anyway. You can find it a little further down, in the dedicated player.

Did you also read that Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End was almost completely rewritten after Amy Hennig’s departure from the Naughty Dog team?

But not only that: it seems that the world of video games will have to prepare to welcome  Uncharted again, one day, with a fifth chapter.

Finally, there would be many projects that Naughty Dog is carrying out: among these, there could even be an unidentified fantasy adventure, perhaps a new IP of the American studio.

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