Titanfall 3 could have been leaked by appearing for pre-order in a German store

Titanfall 3 could have been leaked by appearing for pre-order in a German store

Titanfall 3 has been seen in the reservation section of a GameStop in Germany. Could it be that Respawn’s game lives in secret and we get one of the biggest surprises of 2022?

According to various people, Titanfall 3 can apparently and presumably be pre-ordered at various GameStop stores in Germany. Respawn’s the game may have leaked and is coming, after all, it would be more than welcome to many.

Could it be that the sequel to Titanfall 2 is finally on the way? The saga has been the favorite for many in terms of the shooter, a game that mixes these elements with the use of giant wicks.

Its creators are Respawn Entertainment and they have already said that they have no interest in making another installment. Right now with Apex Legends and its Star Wars projects having more than enough, it’s unlikely that Titanfall 3 will ever be announced.

At least in the short term, something that fans of both deliveries hope for. And with details like those found at the GameStop in Germany to not have it.

A recent post on the Titanfall subreddit by user Va0Ce – as you’ll be able to see below – proves to fans of Respawn games that the fight is on.

It seems that among the shelves of future reservations one of the covers has been seen where it says Titanfall 3 as one of them.

The same user comments that ” the employee told me that it would be released around the fall, but in the house, it is indicated that ‘there is no release date announced, so then I don’t know.

I’m not 100% sure I haven’t been scammed out of a €10 pre-order, but others have seen it too. must there be something there?? “.

Many users are divided on whether or not the image is legitimate, but since hope is the last thing lost, it seems that they will continue playing.

The image reads ‘ Jetzt vorbestellen ‘ which translates to ” Book Now ” and in passing you can see other games that have been confirmed in development, such as FIFA 23 or Dragon Age 4.

It is also possible that it is an error on the part of the store. But then again, what if Respawn has been messing with us all this time?

It would not be the first time that this store has leaked a game release before it was announced. In June 2020, GameStop Germany itself showed reservations for Overwatch 2 long before Blizzard did.

To this, we have to add the fact that other users have also seen Titanfall 3 in GameStop stores in Germany. Like the user MisterShadow001 in this thread where the image went unnoticed despite the fact that it is the same reserve cover.

And about 6 months ago another commented on the same thing, but without graphic evidence. In that case, one of the employees told him something similar, that he has a release during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Even so, all this is nothing more than a rumor unless Respawn Entertainment and/or Electronic Arts decided to put an end to the speculation by announcing the game themselves.

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