This is what the invaders in Elden Ring deserve

Elden Ring, the latest soulslike product and developed by the Hidetaka Miyazaki team, is full of goodies and curiosities, often witnessed in the video by the players themselves: now, however, it’s the turn of a really hilarious moment focused on an unwary invader.

The game (of which you can buy the beautiful  Launch Edition on  Amazon ) proposes mechanics already seen within the old souls, including those related to multiplayer, such as invasions.

If one player managed to escape an invasion in  Elden Ring by posing as an unplayable character, someone else has now found a very unorthodox method.

As reported on Reddit, a Lightless has in fact found the perfect way to get rid of an invader in a matter of seconds.

In the clip below, in fact, we see the user ‘MenBeGamingBadly’ running into a very unpleasant encounter – for him – with a CPU-controlled invader.

Although in this case the opponent is a scripted character in the game and is therefore considered an NPC, the player can find a quick and painless way to take him out.

In fact, using the supplied Weapon Art (which can be activated thanks to L2 / LT), we see the Senzaluce unleash attacks so fast and incisive as to eliminate the invader in a few moments, simply turning around without giving him a breather.

Just below, the short video that testifies the feat (which, let’s face it, is quite epic).

Staying on the subject, have you read that someone has decided to make sword strokes better in Elden Ring, thanks to a truly amazing mod?

But that’s not all: FromSoftware’s new soulslike update fixes an important bug related to the boss fight against Malenia .

Speaking instead of giveaways of a certain level, a truly die-hard (and nostalgic) fan gave away a plausible  PS One version of the game, complete with official box art.

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