Stray, we’re almost there: launch window for cat cyberpunk

Stray is one of those cool games that grabs the audience’s attention once announced but hopelessly ends up being overshadowed due to a lack of news and updates.

In any case, the Annapurna Interactive game coming out for PC and PlayStation had been shown for the first time at E3 2020 and had immediately gathered a host of players intrigued above all by the fact of controlling a cat in a world. cyberpunk (and if you want to know more about the genre you can check it out on Amazon ).

After a long fast of news, Stray’s release had been postponed to a generic 2022, but now we know what its most specific launch window will be.

The fascinating adventures of this cute little kitty lost in a city apparently full of dangers will be available starting in the summer of this year, confirming the fact that we won’t have to wait that long before diving into this so peculiar title (via VG247 ).

To refresh your memory, we report below the teaser trailer of the game, waiting for its release just around the corner:

While waiting to find out more details, we remain on the PlayStation theme to report some new ones regarding the PS Plus which will be available in Italy starting from June, and to whose catalog new free games in Game Pass style will be added every month.

If you want you can also take a look at how it will be possible to upgrade to the higher plans of the new subscription, and how the transition will work for those who already have a subscription to the current service.

To conclude, the new PlayStation Plus will also give subscribers some really interesting bonuses, starting with some exclusive demos of the most expensive games that can be downloaded completely free of charge by all users who will use the service, in order to be able to do an idea of ​​the securities before a possible purchase.

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