Starfield will be “too” immense: former Bethesda reveals gameplay news

Xbox fans and more are eagerly awaiting Starfield, Bethesda’s latest effort which will also represent a fundamental milestone for the publisher: it will in fact be the first IP actually developed by the studio.

The authors of Skyrim ( you can buy the Anniversary Edition on offer on Amazon ) are hard at work on what they know is a product of immense potential, to the point of even calling it an Elder Scrolls ” in space “.

It is certainly a very ambitious work, which also promises the maximum possible freedom to the players: in this regard, in the past few hours, much interesting gameplay news would have emerged directly from a former developer.

As reported by Wccftech, a character artist who worked for Bethesda, known by the nickname of Hevy008 on the ResetEra forum, decided to intervene and reveal further details in response to a leak that emerged earlier, to deny it and reveal real details on the ambitious. project.

His speech inevitably sparked the curiosity of many fans, who took advantage of the opportunity to ask him for details on the gameplay and the current state of Starfield.

The developer, therefore, decided to publish a long post on the subject, in which he revealed a lot of information on the new project, realizing only later that he had exaggerated with the previews:

“It was a nice place to work, very safe. But the engine sucks. Todd [Howard] is definitely a charismatic person. Starfield is turning out well, we have had weekly playtests every Thursday since the beginning of the year and more and more details are surfacing online.

The shootings are okay, but in my opinion, flying is horrible and not fun. The brightness and details get better and better: we are not at the level of Horizon Forbidden West or similar projects, but it is still a game with good graphics.

As for whether it will be postponed or not, they will certainly try to release it in time: […] they have an overabundance of content, even too many, so that’s not the problem. Finding the right entertainment and, of course, fixing bugs is the priority ».

The former developer also anticipated that Bethesda will do everything possible to meet the launch date, as it was not chosen randomly, revealing that a beta should arrive as early as this summer.

A few moments later, many users were quick to point out that perhaps the character designer had revealed too much, considering that the manual flight had not yet been confirmed by the developers as one of the features of the game.

Realizing the mistake, the author asked the forum administrators to delete his account and all his posts to protect himself from any legal repercussions: later the journalist Jason Schreier of Bloomberg also intervened, who was able to confirm how actually it was a Bethesda developer, although obviously unable to comment on the rumors.

Of course, we invite you to take these advances with due precautions, pending official confirmation: if the rumors turn out to be true, fans can still expect a great game to come, with the hope that certain mechanics will be able to be perfected before launch.

The details regarding the graphics would confirm what was previously revealed by the developers: Starfield must be spatial, but realistic and beautiful to look at.

The rich amount of content would instead have drawn inspiration above all from Cyberpunk 2077: Bethesda had emphasized how Night City was a great source of inspiration.

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