Skyrim teaches us to wait our turn in this strange video

Skyrim is full of oddities, we know that, but we will never stop having fun with them and always finding new ones.

Bethesda’s open-world (which you can buy on Amazon ) is also famous for bugs, glitches, and ironic and unthinkable situations that give players always new material to dwell on.

Despite all the value of the famous RPG is obviously indisputable, so we are only talking about goodies that sometimes even manage to cheer the adventures of the Dragon’s Blood within the game world.

Skyrim teaches us to wait our turn in this strange video

What we present to you today is an ironic situation noticed and recorded by the Reddit user axon-ax off, who posted a clip that is unlikely to make you remain impassive.

The player in question is in the port area of ​​the city of Windhelm, right at the dock, where several wooden boats are moored.

In one of these, the user has noticed NPCs intent on very particular repetitive actions.

In fact, we see two men intent on hammering the wooden mast of the boat, probably with the intention of repairing it. The two alternate the blows in a perfectly interlocking way: the first gives a few blows and stops, so he begins to hammer the second, and then he too stops and starts the round again.

The two continue to hammer alternately in this bizarre way for the duration of the video, a full three minutes and continue even when the camera begins to spin around the player indicating that the latter is AFK.

The situation has something surreal, also considering the fact that both NPCs are practically silent and alternate blank stares with hammer blows. But on the other hand, Skyrim has got us used to things like that, and he’s fine with that.

Staying on the subject, do you know that someone finished  The Elder Scrolls V using only a flashlight?

Not to mention those who have ventured into the adventure only with a fishing rod.

Finally, someone has decided to create a LEGO version of Skyrim that will amaze you.

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