Nintendo Switch Sports has an Easter Egg in its credits, overcome it and you will have a gift

Play tennis within the credits of Nintendo Switch Sports in its fun Easter Egg. If you pass his challenge, you will be given a gift as a reward for the same game.

Nintendo Switch Sports has only been with us for a few days, but it’s enough to enchant many. As for example this curious detail as an Easter Egg that has been seen in the credits of the game.

Thousands of gamers are already enjoying sports around the world with their Joy-Con like it’s 2006 all over again. So much so that there are already cases of broken TVs due to carelessness with their controls when playing.

But for everything else, it’s a nice return as a continuation of the sports saga, now on Nintendo Switch. In fact, it was the best seller of the week in the UK, beating many others despite being released at the end of April.

And as in many other games from the company, Nintendo has added a fun Easter Egg. If you go to the credits of Nintendo Switch Sports you can access this.

And this time he’s added something to keep everyone looking for a little (but entertaining) challenge in the credits entertained.

Twitter user nintemau5 ( via Nintendo Life ) has revealed the secret behind the final lyrics. And it all seems that there is a very curious minigame.

As you can see in the image of the tweet that we leave you just below, you will have to pass a fairly simple test, although perhaps exhausting at first.

Playing #NintendoSwitchSports? Head over to the settings screen, then select credits. If you hit the tennis ball back and forth 50 times in a row, you’ll get a present 🎁

— Eldenmau5 🧙‍♂️ (@nintenmau5) May 1, 2022

According to the tweet, it says: ” Playing Nintendo Switch Sports? Go to the options screen and then select the credits.

If you hit the tennis ball back and forth 50 times in a row, you will be given a gift .” Whoops! Now you have some entertainment for your next game of sports.

Now, what is that gift that this user is talking about? It is not that we want to spoil the surprise of getting it and discovering it for yourselves.

But in case that doesn’t matter to you, this tweet from nintemau5 himself reveals what is achieved by hitting the ball 50 times in the minigame.

Accessing Nintendo Switch Sports credits is quite simple and accessible. You just have to go to the game options screen and select the option.

These types of details are very curious and make the game enjoyable until the end. And they are also very reminiscent of everything that can be played during the credits of the Super Smash Bros franchise.

In our analysis of Nintendo Switch Sports as the new great family bet we ask ourselves, will it repeat the boom of Wii Sports? But we also sentence with some final words.

” Its simple formula of direct fun continues to work very well and the sports collection is very attractive. Ideal for multiplayer at home, although of course, it is no longer as revolutionary as it was 16 years ago .”

Have you tried the Nintendo Switch Sports Easter Egg yet? In the event that you already knew this detail, what did you think of discovering it for yourselves?

It is good to continue playing for a few more years since according to Nintendo your console is halfway through its life cycle.

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