Joel’s actor can’t play The Last of Us? Ellie explains why

Pedro Pascal, who will be Joel in the HBO series dedicated to The Last of Us, has recently tried to recover the game Naughty Dog, with poor results: the Ellie interpreter explains why.

Based on the original  TLOU  ( which you can also find on Amazon ) the show will be inspired in all respects (or almost) by the video game of the same name.

Pascal will play Joel Miller, although he recently stressed that the series won’t be trying too hard to chase the game.

The actor also revealed that he tried to play The Last of Us, but was forced to abandon the venture.

Now, as also reported by DualShockers, it is Bella Ramsey to reveals why Pedro Pascal is unable to complete the adventure.

A Twitter user and fan of the game recently replied to Ramsey begging her to let Pedro Pascal play the whole adventure: she then gave her answer as to why that won’t happen.

In her response, Ramsey posted a picture of her shrugging, with the phrase “I would, but she has no gamer skills. “

While Pascal is an incredible actor (and we have no doubt he’ll do a superb job like Joel), it’s clear that the The Mandalorian star has no interest in video games.

We are both as bad as each other…

— Bella Ramsey (@BellaRamsey) April 28, 2022

Pascal claimed that he had tried to play TLOU but quickly realized he did not have the necessary “skills”, passing the controller to his nephew.

Staying on the subject, have you read that an addition to the cast of actors for an unidentified role has recently been confirmed in the series?

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