Hello, Fashion Police? We need you in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece, has been targeted by players in every possible and imaginable way, to which is now added the entrance of the Fashion Police.

It is not the first time that fans of the son of Dark Souls  (which you can find on Amazon at a very low price) find really strange appearances.

A few weeks ago someone thought well to include Will Smith and the famous slap seen during the night of the Oscars.

Not to mention Let Me Solo Her, the naked hero who is helping so many players, although apparently, the surprises did not end there.

Hello, Fashion Police? We need you in the Elden Ring

As also reported by Game Rant, an Elden Ring player has been invaded by a character calling himself the “Fashion Police”, who apparently judges the choice of the Lightless’s armor before leaving.

Yes, you got it right: Reddit user ‘Omnimoonpapa’ shared a clip of coming face-to-face with a player calling himself “Fashion Police”.

The invader lived up to its name, inspecting the user’s outfit choice using the in-game telescope.

Seemingly pleased with the combination of armor on display, the police invader then used the Prattling Pate item to say ‘ wonderful ‘, before peacefully leaving the player’s world.

Presumably, if a guest player’s outfit isn’t deemed up to par by the invader, a PvP battle will ensue.

After all, Eden Ring is definitely the souls like of the moment, since a fan has now decided to merge the game with the world of Pokémon.

But not only that: someone else has instead decided to give life to an 8-bit demake of  Elden Ring, for a particularly imaginative final result.

Finally, another really talented modder has instead decided to show Elden Ring from a new perspective, in the truest sense of the word (and to the delight of Diablo fans ).

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