Fortnite, this weekend comes the most “stylish” crossover ever

Epic Games has proven time and time again that there is probably nothing on Earth that can’t be included in Fortnite in some way.

After Spider-Man, Master Chief, and LeBron James, the battle royale (which is also popular on Amazon with a lot of special offers) is preparing for a new crossover scheduled for this weekend.

This is not to mention that in these hours the developer has unveiled the arrival of the new hero of the moment, already available by surprise on the appropriate store.

In fact, as also reported by The Gamer, the next artist to be immortalized in the game will be the iconic hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

The news that the Wu-Tang Clan will have associated items added to Fortnite was revealed via a short clip showing the band’s emote posted on the game’s official Twitter account.

As if that weren’t enough, many more Wu-Tang-related items are also on the way, as explained by Epic in a recent blog post.

At the head will be the two Wu-Tang Clan skins: the Throwback BG and BRITE outfits will also come with back bling included, along with pickaxes that can be purchased separately or as part of their respective bundles.

The Wu-Tang Clan just teased their upcoming Fortnite collaboration!

(Thanks to @zatheo_ for making me aware of this!)

— Shiina (@ShiinaBR) April 20, 2022

Both back blings react to the music: the Throwback2 pickaxe, for example, responds when hit, while the BRITE pickaxe will leave a trail of paint.

The new looks will be available as physical objects in the real world as well, presumably without the back bling and picks.

All items will be available for purchase starting at 8pm on Saturday 23 April 2022. It is unclear whether the Wu-Tang Clan will perform a live concert in the game, as has happened with other artists in the past.

Staying on the subject, did you read that a major new update arrived a few days ago, introducing a great battle and a new equipable weapon?

Speaking instead of other crossovers, there would be a decidedly crazy one: it seems that Fortnite it could welcome the Griffin family.

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