Dying Light 2 could have player-created content, Techland is considering it

Techland seems to want to continue to keep Dying Light 2 fresh, so it would move forward with its updates. Now it is being considered to let players post their creations in the game.

Dying Light 2 has been on the market with us for almost 3 months and many still want freshness in the game. And what about the fact that users can publish their creations? Techland is considering that possibility.

The latest news has been that the cooperative will be improved and recently the NG+ arrived. If we add to that the new temporary events and the first story DLC, little by little they continue to update the sequel to Dying Light.

But that’s still far from enough, which is why the Techland studio has said it’s looking for ways for players to add self-created content to the open-world RPG.

In an interview with The Loadout, Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala says ” this is one of the directions they’re looking at .”

You answered this because you were directly asked if you plan to add player creation tools and community-created content to the game.

” [That’s] the direction we’re thinking of. We want to invite the community to be more involved in creating, crafting, or fine-tuning the content we already have in the game .”

When the outlet suggested some things to him like parkour races or combat challenges, he himself said that those are close to Techland’s “train of thinking ” when it comes to the kind of content the community will create.

Smektala mentions in passing that with Dying Light 2 having sold over 5 million copies , there are plenty of gamers with different tastes and looking for something of the RPG.

That’s why when it comes to future DLC or next content, Techland is going to ” test different kinds [of experiences] to make sure everyone finds something for themselves .”

Although taking into account the development time that is given for each update, it is possible that something like this will not arrive any time soon. The pandemic is still active and pressing, let’s not tempt it or cause workers to crunch

Smektala himself did not give a clear time frame for what to expect this creation tool in the game. Although the first year or two may be spent testing different styles of DLC and content to see how it connects with players.

So how will it be? Will it arrive at the end of the year? Do they have something else hidden? Those types of questions and others will come in due course.

At the moment you already have two free cosmetic DLC available: the Authority Pack and the Ronin. But that is not the only thing that will come in these coming years.

Techland announced that Dying Light 2 Stay Human will receive content for the next five years.

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