Does God of War Ragnarok come out or not in 2022? An important confirmation arrives

God of War Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated video games by owners of PlayStation consoles, who still fear that the game may be postponed to next year: again, the Animation Director of the game will take stock.

For some time it has been feared that the sequel to the acclaimed PlayStation exclusive (which you can find on Amazon at a bomb price), which was then also released on PC, could skip 2022.

In the past few hours, it was Cory Barlog himself who gave some information about the game, with a video published online that made fans breathe a sigh of relief (more or less).

Now, as Wccftech colleagues also reported, God of War Ragnarok is still slated for this year, according to Sony Santa Monica’s director of animation.

Speaking on Twitter following Barlog’s message yesterday, Bruno Velasquez confirmed to a fan that the next installment of the series is indeed on its way this year.

Since there has been no news on the game for many months now, many are wondering if the adventure of Kratos and Atreus can really delay or not.

Velasquez, in the tweet you find below, seems to be certain that there will be no postponement for Ragnarok.

Ragnorok is coming this year.

— Bruno Velazquez 🎮🕹 (@brunovelazquez) April 20, 2022

Ragnarok will arrive this year.

Obviously, the hope is that Sony decides to release an official release date of the game as soon as possible, in order to calm the spirits once and for all.

The first chapter has become Sony’s best-selling game on PC so far, with a staggering number of copies, which justifies a lot of the hype about the sequel.

It is also true that Bloomberg’s Jason Scheirer announced months ago that a postponement to 2023 may unfortunately not be an entirely impossible option.

While waiting to learn more about the game coming to PS4 and PS5, you can pass the time as did these die-hard fans, who apparently have decided to wait for Ragnarok in a particularly artistic way.

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