Call of Duty Warzone, confirmed the arrival of the most famous monsters ever

Call of Duty Warzone has welcomed many different characters, modes, and in general a series of notable news through the many updates.

The battle royale was born as an offshoot of the classic Call of Duty, whose latest episode you can find on Amazon, has conquered many players in a short time.

Who have dedicated body and soul to discovering every secret of Warzone, even going so far as to find the most unlikely glitches to get to the secret areas of the map.

As for the news, however, an incredible indiscretion was spread a few days ago, relating to the arrival of two very famous monsters in the game.

And, with the confirmation of the start of Operation Monarch, Activision has formalized the most destructive novelty of Call of Duty Warzone.

Because King Kong and Godzilla will arrive inside the battle royale. Not skins, themed items, or anything like that, but literally the two most famous monsters in the history of cinema.

As reported by VGC, the kaiju will be introduced with update 1.57, with the launch of the Operation Monarch event starting next May 11th.

🚨 Call Of Duty MW (Warzone) Update 1.57 Added to database.

🟫 The Battle Begins May 11 😶‍🌫️

⬛ #Warzone #CallofDuty

— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) April 21, 2022

King Kong and Godzilla will unleash their fury in Warzone very soon then, even if for now we do not know how players will be able to concretely relate to the two creatures.

In any case, we cannot say that the battle royale is boring or not very calm. As if fighting for survival against other players wasn’t enough.

Not to mention that, in a few weeks, Warzone players will be able to take on the role of Snopp Dogg and battle Godzilla. Try to reread this sentence carefully and realize the thing.

Meanwhile, Season 2 infuriated players, due to some very serious issues that made it unplayable for a while.

And who knows when the title will finally arrive on Switch since there was talk of the port a long time ago.

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