Barring any surprises, Kojima’s new game will be for PS5

For some time, there have been numerous theories that have followed one another regarding what could be the next project in the pipeline for  Kojima Productions, after having seen the curtain fall on  Death Stranding. The previous game, released in 2019, later saw the landing on PC (2020) and the arrival of the Director’s Cut, both on PS5 (you can find it on Amazon at a reduced price ) and on Windows.

From that moment on, there has been the most complete mystery about what is boiling in the pot of Hideo Kojima and his companions, who are working on a  new, unidentified project. However, there are rumors that speak of an alleged horror, others aim at a  Death Stranding 2, and still, others allude to a possible Xbox exclusive.

Seeing, however, a clue that comes from a photo shared by Kojima on social media, it would seem that at least for the moment this option can be excluded.

A ps5 game dev kit @Kojima_Hideo Hmmmmm

— Lifetime (@kyrielifetime) April 24, 2022

In the newly set up studio, after the recent move to a new location, it is in fact possible to see a PlayStation 5 devkit in the “control room”  – a detail that certainly did not escape the hawk-eyed fans who follow the game director Japanese.

The devkit is a version of the console specifically designed for developers, which is provided to allow you to work on video games dedicated to that platform. It is possible, of course, that the devkit is a remnant of the previous work done on Death Stranding: Director’s Cut ( here is the video review ), but it is frankly difficult to imagine that Kojima has released the shot without thinking about the clues that the fans would have found us.

Barring any surprises, then, considering the devkit ready to go, it might be hard to imagine a new Kojima game coming only to Xbox platforms – even if the rumors had gotten very insistent and it would be really interesting to find out what could be. exit the cylinder.

It is also not to be excluded that Kojima Productions is working on several projects at the same time: only some time ago the Japanese team had expressed its interest in other media, also thanks to the inspiration of Yoji Shinkawa, and we will soon discover if this too will find a way to put itself together. on show.

Speaking of Shinkawa, in recent days Kojima revealed that the art director is one of his sources of inspiration, thanks to the sketches he makes before the final works for the video games in progress.

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