A new trailer for Final Fantasy 16 will be published soon and the game would be almost complete


New and hopeful reports are emerging around Final Fantasy 16. The game seems to be almost complete and a new trailer could be released shortly.

If there is something that Japanese role-playing fans are waiting for, it is the premiere of Final Fantasy XVI. Not every year a new main installment of the saga is released and, luckily, it seems that that moment is getting a little closer every day.


A few days ago we told you that the development of Final Fantasy 16 was in its final stage and they were not rumors, but information from the producer Naoki Yoshida. Now, new details about the game raise the spirits of the community again.

Naoki Yoshida himself has spoken again and watch out because we could have a new Final Fantasy XVI trailer very soon. The producer assures that a new look is ready and that due to certain circumstances it had been delayed more than expected.

In addition, it has also been commented that the creative team is working to polish and optimize the game until its launch, something that fits with the philosophy that has followed the development of this installment, where it was ensured that nothing would be shown until the production was advanced.

Naoki Yoshida says the next FFXVI info/trailer is ready. Due to certain circumstances, its a bit delayed. It should be soon though (maybe referring to a PlayStation stream).

The team is working on polishing and optimising the game till its release. pic.twitter.com/QKMKOIwHVy

— Miraculous Maku #KH20th (@RedMakuzawa) May 6, 2022

For this reason, it has been commented that the game is quite complete, which has led to the belief that Final Fantasy 16 could arrive in 2022 if optimism remains.

Will we have news related to a release date? Where will the game be shown? The last and first time it was seen at a PlayStation event, so many are already speculating about a new Sony event in the coming weeks.

For the moment, we recommend staying calm, as there is no official announcement as such. In the meantime, it may not hurt to remember how little we know about the game in terms of plot.

Valisthea is the kingdom in which the game is set (which goes back to its more medieval roots) where people enjoy life thanks to the crystal mountains called “Mothercrystals”. AND

Furthermore, we know that the FF16 universe is controlled by the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Kingdom of Waloed, the Dhalmekian Republic, the Iron Kingdom, and the Crystal Domain.

On the other hand, it has been commented that the creators of Final Fantasy 16 worked on an action game similar to Bloodborne more than a decade ago. Eager to see more of the JRPG?

The game will arrive exclusively on PS5, although it has already been commented that it could land on PC six months after its release.

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