A new Battlefield could launch in 2024, according to a recent rumor

Will a new Battlefield come out in 2024? A new rumor begins to spread doubts among the fan community of the DICE and EA franchise.

Battlefield 1 was a breath of fresh air to the saga, but since the premiere of the First World War, the launches of the following deliveries have not been the most successful. 

Battlefield V did not have the expected reception and Battlefield 2042 has arrived half-baked. However, just yesterday, EA commented that it will continue to support this title to make your gaming experience more fun

However, the community has echoed a new rumor that indicates that a new Battlefield installment would arrive in 2024, just two years after the premiere of the recent 2042.

Some time ago, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA commented that a Battlefield every two years was something that made a lot of sense, so many fans thought that the saga would receive delivery in 2023.

Although this could have changed, since the well-known insider of the saga, Tom Henderson commented on WhatIfGaming that although this was the plan, the development team did not seem to have everything with them.

This could lead one to think that the final date would be 2024, despite the fact that everything is up in the air. DICE and EA, along with Zampella, have yet to officially comment on the upcoming Battlefield.

As for the nature of this new game, Henderson acknowledged that it would be a hero shooter,

though he later revealed that a “large portion” of the DICE team was working on the next game with a modern or near-future theme. 

Changes introduced in Battlefield 2042 would also be reverted, i.e. Specialists or 128-player games would be out. Of course, all this is nothing more than a rumor, so we cannot take anything for granted until there are no official sources involved.

What would you like to see in the saga? Did you give the most recent installment a chance? Update 4.0 recently arrived with voice-over IP, improved dialers, and over 400 bug fixes.

And as for EA plans, the company has confirmed four unannounced projects for the fiscal year 2022-2023 along with record fiscal results.

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